Yes, we do boats! We also detail and clean other toys or recreational vehicles you may have.

We are proud to offer the same high-quality detail services for all your boat, motorhome, and RV needs. While ALL recreational vehicles and watercrafts are different, at Karmichael Auto Salon, we take pride in our work and the ability to tailor a “detail-package” that fits your specific needs.

We have complete interior and exterior details that range from just a nice protective coat of wax or a quick interior shampoo, all the way to a complete paint or fiberglass restoration. We can eliminate mild, to severe oxidization, and hopefully breathe some new life into your favorite summer and winter toys.

We have an assortment of marine specific products that can improve the shine and luster of your boat and its protective gel-coats. We specialize in getting your boat ready for the summer, or, cleaning and waxing it to be stored for the winter. Either way, we have you covered.

Other Specific Services:
• Paint, fiberglass, and gel-coat restoration, shampoo carpets, hand wax, leather protection, and more.
• Note: Since each boat, RV, and motorhome is different, as well as, each customers specific needs. We don’t have any set pricing for boat. RV, or motorhome cleaning. We price accordingly and specifically to each customer with satisfaction guaranteed.
• We also wash and detail motorcycles.
• Motorhome and most RV details are done at the Mukilteo location only.
• For more information and pricing call 425.493.1550 or contact us.