Ceramic Coating

Get A Ceramic Coating For Your Vehicle!

From your everyday commuter, to your most prized possession, and everything in between, we at Karmichael Auto Salon are specially trained in the art of paint correction and application of the finest ceramic coatings on the market today.

Our ceramic coatings are some of the finest high performance protective paint coatings available in the industry today. They will provide the ultimate protection against the harsh environmental elements, as well as, many of the road conditions you’ll experience in the Pacific Northwest.

The added protection to your vehicle’s paint and clear coat is only one of the benefits of investing in ceramic coating.

A ceramic coating at Karmichael Auto Salon will also provide your vehicle with a shine and depth that’s unrivaled. Our coatings can bring out the beauty and brilliance of your vehicle’s paint, making it standout amongst the all others.

Benefits of ceramic coatings:

Provide your vehicle’s paint with unrivaled durability, gloss, and depth

Reduce your overall cleaning expense by:

  • repelling road and environmental contaminates such as dirt, insects, bird droppings, etc.
  • protecting against hazardous UV rays and other extreme climate conditions
  • extend the life of your paint and clear coat
  • protect your investment and get you top dollar when it’s time to sell or trade-in your vehicle